We are truly passionate about what we do – and we believe it shows in the old-fashioned taste of turkey

When you think about those special family gatherings and holiday meals, turkey is always a center piece. But over the years, too often people’s expectations are far from reality when it comes to preparing the traditional holiday bird. We want to challenge those limitations and deliver something better—an old-fashioned taste of turkey.

At True Turkeys, we’re genuinely passionate about what we do. Our love for cooking is obvious in our top quality birds that come with great flavor every time. We start by hand selecting only the most flavorful varieties of turkeys from across the country; then, using eco-friendly practices, they are delivered with farm-fresh feathers still intact – an assurance of freshness that our customers can feel right away in their first bites!

We believe True Turkeys offer what no one else can—the exceptional flavor of an old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast. It all starts with sourcing premium Turkeys directly from local farms who raise them without any hormones or antibiotics. After being carefully selected, each bird is fed a carefully crafted vegetarian non GMO diet plus fresh ground hazelnuts as a primary source of protein – giving it its unique flavor profile since this ingredient isn’t normally used in raising poultry; but it especially shines in our delicious dinners that become legendary among friends and families alike after one bite.

Next, our signature True Turkey brine marries the best ingredients: a blend of sea salt, black peppercorn, sweet apple cider vinegar for the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness; herbs like oregano and bay leaves for aromatics; as well as several other seasonings that create an unforgettable experience every single time! Finally, our chickens are allowed to rest overnight resulting in moist and tender meat 24 hours later – guaranteeing that first bit will be phenomenal again and again!

It’s safe to say that we’re quite proud to bring you something different when it comes to traditional turkey dinners at home. Personally, here at True Turkeys we strongly believe that there’s no reason why getting your turkey just right should be so difficult or require so much effort – particularly on Thanksgiving day when family packs around your table with excitement every single year! That’s why we strive hard every day to provide quality old-fashioned taste to our customers with just one bite. Because when done right (and deliciously), truly nothing beats the pleasure found in turkey cooked “old-school” style! So let us help make your next family gathering even more special by bringing everyone Together Around The Table™ for an unforgettable meal worth remembering for years to come!