Our family has been producing our unique and delicious KellyBronze turkeys for over 25 years

The KellyBronze family is proud to be a leading turkey producer for over 25 years. Our secret recipe, high-quality ingredients, and fresh turkeys have customers all over the UK raving about all the deliciousness. Because we only use premium grade, free-range birds―descendants of the wild turkeys that still roam North America—we make sure that every bite of our KellyBronze turkeys is full of flavor.

As mentioned before, our unique recipe has made us well-known around the UK and even abroad. We vegetable cure our birds with a mix of apples and oranges beneath their skin as they roast in an oven. This tenderizing method allows us to cook up golden, crispy golden skin with juicy white meat bursting through each bite.

A key part of what makes our process so special is how young our turkeys are at harvest time— usually just 28 days old! These young birds have bright white feathers which results in much better tasting meat than you will find from any other brand. Chef Gregory Lavery of The Gourmets Choice said it best “it’s like eating a natural piece of chicken from a traditional farm” when referring to KellyBronze Turkeys!.

The care we take preparing each bird for delivery still applies today as it did when we first started twenty plus years ago. Right after butchering, dry aging takes place between 3 days to 6 days; this step actually seals in flavor into the meat so it can permeate throughout the flesh when cooking or serving. And because most people prefer to shallow pan-fry their brined birds – which can lead to wasting precious juices by overcooking– we opt instead to cure ours in its own juices overnight while placed inside a vacuum bag first; this locks in moistness so there’s no need to pre cook it prior to cooking your finished product either via oven or deep frying.

Our upmost attention goes beyond just delivering deliciously roasted birds though: during buying season (between September and December) we also offer a wide selection do side dishes, stir fries and marinades so folks can experiment beyond the traditional stuffing topping combination on Thanksgiving Day if desired without skipping out on any flavourful experience whatsoever. So whatever tasty dish you try out this upcoming holiday season feel confident that our special nest time-tested signifying method has helped bring out every bit goodness from each ingredient used!