Our family has been producing our unique and delicious KellyBronze turkeys for over 25 years

For over 25 years, our family has been passionately devoted to producing the unique and delicious KellyBronze turkeys. In that time, our commitment to tradition, quality, and taste has established our name as synonymous with the very best. This blog post delves into the story behind the exceptional nature of the KellyBronze turkey and shares how our family continually strives to redefine the standard for what a truly spectacular bird should be.

The Birth of a Poultry Passion

When it comes to raising turkeys, the Kelly family’s history runs deep. Back in the early 20th century, Derek Kelly’s great-grandfather began his own poultry farm. Little did he know that his passion would be passed down through generations! In 1982, after running his own successful poultry business for several years, Derek made a life-changing discovery – an exceptional rare breed of turkey called the Heritage Bronze.

The rich flavor and tender, moist meat of these magnificent birds were unrivaled by any other turkey Derek had tasted before. Inspired by this exquisite bird, Derek decided to embark on a mission to create something even better – something that would become known as the KellyBronze turkey. And so, in 1989, the journey began.

Crafting Perfection with Time-Honored Techniques

Creating a truly superior turkey isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight; it takes dedication, attention to detail, and most importantly – time. The KellyBronze turkey is very much a product of patience and perseverance.

Our turkeys are slow-maturing birds that naturally grow at their own pace for at least six months – twice the time it takes conventional turkeys – allowing them to develop an extraordinary depth of flavor and tenderness that sets them apart from other birds.

We also believe in raising our turkeys stress-free by allowing them access to roam free in pastures by day while sleeping comfortably and safely indoors at night. This is essential not only for their overall wellbeing but also for their remarkable taste and texture.

Passion for Plucking: A Traditional Dry-Plucking Technique

We employ a unique traditional hand plucking method called “dry-plucking” to treat our KellyBronze turkeys with the utmost respect and care. This labor-intensive practice produces a more attractive bird with crispier skin when cooked.

After hand-plucking, we let our birds hang for up to two weeks in a temperature-controlled environment—a practice known as game hanging—to allow their flavors to develop beautifully without any interference from preservatives or chemicals.

KellyBronze Turkey: From Our Family to Yours

The result of our dedication, passion, and love for creating an outstanding turkey can be experienced in every bite of a KellyBronze bird served at your table. It’s not just about providing you with a mouth-watering centerpiece on your dinner plate; it’s about sharing the joy and warmth of family traditions passed down through generations.

Each year as we gather around our own table laden with food during Thanksgiving or Christmas festivities, we take great pride knowing that countless other families worldwide are doing exactly the same with one of our splendid KellyBronze turkeys in tow; each glistening bird bursting forth with juicy goodness that owes its existence solely due to one family’s tireless years-long pursuit of poultry perfection.

As we continue enthusiastically producing KellyBronze turkeys for families around the world, you can trust not only in our unwavering commitment to excellence but also in knowing that they are personally nurtured from farmgate-to-plate like one of our family’s own—because they are!